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    more than 13,000 mail in mail queue


    i want to send them

    when i using this command
    exim -qff

    i don't get any output message
    i still waiting it until ssh disconnect

    i tried to click
    Attempt to Deliver all messages in Queue

    in whm panel
    i get complete message without any changing

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    Try to remove the frozen mails in the queue so that the unnecessary mails will be eliminated and the exim will start working.
    To remove all frozen mails from the exim queue, use the following command -
    exim -bpr | grep frozen | awk {'print $3'} | xargs exim -Mrm
    You can also use the command -
    exiqgrep -z -i | xargs exim -Mrm
    If you want to only delete frozen messages older than a day, you can try this
    exiqgrep -zi -o 86400
    where you can change 86400 depending on the time frame you want to keep.( 1 day = 86400 seconds. ) ;-)

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    try to stop and start exim

    # service exim stop
    # service exim start
    then do exim -qff &
    and check for the logs
    # tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog
    Also in your WHM >> Tweak settings
    set The maximum each domain can send out per hour to 0
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    If multiple exim connections are the problem then to find the spammer, do the following :
     vi /etc/exim.conf
    Add the following under : hostlist auth_relay_hosts = *

    log_selector = +address_rewrite +all_parents +arguments +connection_reject +delay_delivery +delivery_size +dnslist_defer +incoming_interface +incoming_port +lost_incoming_connection +queue_run +received_sender +received_recipients +retry_defer +sender_on_delivery +size_reject +skip_delivery +smtp_confirmation +smtp_connection +smtp_protocol_error +smtp_syntax_error +subject +tls_cipher +tls_peerdn

    Then tail the file using :
    tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog |grep /home/
    This will show you the path from where spamming is going on.

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