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    Best solution for online backup?

    Hello Members,

    I am searching for a solution that automatically takes incremental backups of my data, so that I stay assured of data stored at the secured data centers without having worry of loosing it. I was thinking about online backup. Will that be reliable? Please suggest few good options.

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    Is this from your local computer or office? If so I recommend
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    Im see what FDC is a good backup service

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    Is there any good solution for taking online backups of multiple hosting accounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnki View Post
    Is there any good solution for taking online backups of multiple hosting accounts?
    R1soft can do this for you. We have used them for over 1 year.

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    r1soft is becoming a popular backup solution or you can used a cloud based storage. thats the future

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    If for a personal Windows computer,

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    I'm not sure about a backup service but If you are a small company, I strongly suggest getting a call answering service.


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    It seems to be good. Will I am able to manage my computer as well as mobile data with it? I am searching for the backup solution which works for computer and mobile technology.

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