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    Best Server Monitor Software

    This server monitor software below,which one is the best.If you know anyother,please tell me.Thanks for your sharing.
    PA Server Monitor

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    Now a days , people are using different kind of project management software to make their work flow easy and systematic. I think your information is also helpful for them.

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    My vote goes for Nagios its open source and best monitoring tool. We are using since two years without any problem.
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    take a look to opmanager and whatsup from ipswitch
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    We use Nagios and Zenoss. Both have their advantages and disadvantages though love them both. Personally I lean towards Zenoss.

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    We use a combination of Nagios and Cacti. Cacti for reporting, graphing, and trending, and Nagios for notifications. There are a couple forks of Nagios that look interesting like Opsview and Icinga.

    I've recently been re-evaluating monitoring apps, but find nothing quite replaces Nagios+Cacti. Looked at almost everything I could find.... Ops Manager, PRTG, ipMonitor, Zenoss, Zabbix, OpenNMS, and probably a few others.
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    Nagios has firefox plugin which works awesome

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    I used Nagios for years. Its stability, reliability, and flexibility were the reasons I never considered anything else. The only problem is that now whenever I hear the Uh-OOOOGA Uh-OOOOOOGA sound somewhere else my brain immediately thinks there's something wrong for about half a second. That's a tradeoff I can live with though.

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