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    mysql make server load

    look to the data in pic

    so what should i do ?

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    Have you optimize MySQL? What is your server config?
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    yes i make optimize mysql
    but the problem from queries

    when i was in shared hosting they give me this message

    my data base suspended my host give me this note
    " database xxxx suspended for causing high load on our server with queries like:

    SELECT title, icon, iconlocation, fileid, description, timesplayed, rating FROM on_files WHERE (cate "

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    Your database might not be properly optimized, normalized and/or indexed.

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    I would deff have support take a look and see if they can assist with the mysql optimization. Did they do it intially or did you give it a try?
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    Thats a lot of CPU usage. Maybe you can try to hire someone to optimize your MYSQL database.

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