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    Source for learning web design

    Hi there,
    Recently,I want to learn web design,but I have no clue to learn.Someone who know useful source,such as software,video,net,share with me.

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    Check out they post a ton of great stuff and really explain it, its a great source for anyone who wants to start learning, or even someone who knows a lot about web design. - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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    you probably want to start by learning html.

    www dot davesite dot com/webstation/html/

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    you could also check out iv been a member there and they cover every aspect of web design and construction in great detail.

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    You can't forget the absolute first stop for beginners.

    Are you looking for design knowledge or coding knowledge?

    Another good way is to download a couple of free templates off the net and experiment with the code and images.
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    I wouldn't bother with reading online tutorials because most of them are so basic and miss out important bits. Buy a book on HTML, once you have managed the basics, learn CSS. You can then go down one of two routes: graphic design or programming. You could do both but it would take so much of your time you wouldn't be off the PC.

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