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    Question Resolving DDoS Timeframe?

    How long does it usually take to resolve a DDoS issue? With my previous provider, they usually resolved it within 30 minutes to 1 hour top.

    With my current provider now, my server has been down for more than 6 hours due to a DDos attack which they stated are going into one of my boxes.

    I got no update in these 6 hours, this kinda surprised me since I was used to getting replies in under 5 minutes from my previous provider.

    Another thing the server is completely inaccessible, while I used to be able to actually help out solving DDoS cases on my previous provider. Now, all I can do is wait... for who knows how many hours...

    Any insight would be helpful if this is normal or not.
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    A DDoS or Fixing a DDoS can most definitely take anything from 30 minutes to weeks (The damage it could cause). Your provider not responding is another matter at hand.

    Have you tried calling them?

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    Longest attacks we generally see are about 1 - 2 weeks. Unless your provider specifically advertises protection capabilities within the thresholds that you're receiving then they're not responsible for resolution.

    Either way they should be able to get a null route in place against the offending IP in a fairly decent amount of time.

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