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    Hosting in the UK

    We need Virtual Hosting from a British company with linux servers
    in the UK.

    24/7 live chat support
    70GB - Monthly Bandwidth Transfer
    1500 MB Disk Space
    mySQL Manager
    mySQL DBs

    One of the problems we're having now is our connections with our remote MySQL db's, which are also in the UK.

    Anyone have any suggestions or experience with any UK companies fitting these needs?


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    I'd recommend Have you also checked the VPS offers forum? There're many reputable uk VPS offers there.
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    195 - who offer vps and dedicated servers in UK. I do not have any experience with their vps or dedicated servers, however I have been on their reseller plan since last few months now and must say their network and support is simply great. If they offer such a good support for their shared client base, I am sure, they will offer similar support for their vps and dedicated clients.

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    A lot of UK Web Hosting providers hang out at so you might want to check that forum out too.

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    sitepoint also good place for the search. Mostly UK web hosting companies are discussed there
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    Quote Originally Posted by cblaze View Post
    One of the problems we're having now is our connections with our remote MySQL db's, which are also in the UK.

    Assuming your databases are running on other servers because they are quite busy and therefor are not located on the same system.

    I would advise you to look for a company which is located in the same datacenter as you are having your databases at. You do not want to much latency towards your databases.

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    Talk to Craig over at , they have been in business for a good number of years, have a friendly rapport with their clients, and do a very good job to the best of my knowledge for their UK clients.

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    It sounds like you are having a software problem rather than a problem with your host.

    Your providers firewall will likely be protecting mysql's port, keeping out foreign connections. If you ask them to remove all protection you should be able to access mysql freely, but you'll then have a potential security problem.

    Mysql shuts off internet access by default, it binds to localhost. You probably do not want to connect to a mysql database without going over some kind of encrypted tunnel or you are asking for trouble.
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