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Thread: Need A review

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    Need A review

    Hi i need a review on

    about uptime and etc

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    First time I hear that name. Have you try to search for reviews on WHT and Google?
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    as i wanna buy a server from them need a review and i searched also in google it came in some language

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    Why do you want to buy a server from them?

    It looks like that their services are designed for piracy, which isn't something you'll get advice on on these forums.

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    My first time to hear them either, leave your review plz if you
    have any experience with them

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    Never heard of them before here. Whois shows their website is registered a year back. And it seems they are specialised for torrent hosting. Also what do you mean by "i searched also in google it came in some language" ? I tried a search and I can found many reviews in English though I can't say some thing on the reliability of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmnows View Post
    Hi i need a review on

    about uptime and etc
    This is the first time I've heard of the company. As others have said, it would be best to Google for reviews of this company. And seeing as how it specializes in torrent hosting, you might want to steer toward a more reputable company (I'm not saying they aren't reliable, as I've never used them).

    Good luck!

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