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    ServerIron SSL load balancing


    We use ServerIron XL load balancer for our web site. It is supposed to load balance both http and https requests. But for some reason the persistence is not enough because SSL requests keep jumping from Server A to Server B at random times through out the day.

    We come up with a solution from vendors documentation, Cookie Switching. Im wondering if any of you guys used this method and this hardware. But we have been told that SSL port does not support this method.

    Our problem is SSL clients get jumped from server to server, so they lose their sessions (php sessions that are stored on disk), creating huge problem for our shopping cart / online checkouts.

    How do you guys handle your ssl load balancing?

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    As far I understand you have replicated or clastered SQL (mysql?) server available for both cluster servers.
    So, just use SQL as session storage...
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    I know thats kind of a solution, but we would rather not alter our application or put extra load on the database servers at this point. I was just trying to make sure there is no way to do it. Cause it seems to me that, these devices should have this ability in place. They are not simple machines.

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