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    eMail 'Privacy Statement' - wrong place ?

    Just curious, most of us send out eMails, with some sort of 'Privacy/Confidentiality' statement, something like:

    This eMail message is intened to be read by the addressie only,
    if you have recieved this message in error, please let us know then delete it.
    [Don't get hung up on the wording, that's not the point].

    I'm guessing that more than 90% of us have that type of statement
    positioned at the end of the eMail/message.
    Isn't that a bit wrong ?
    Shouldn't the statement be at the begining of the message, so that it gets read, before the message is read ?
    Otherwise the normal reading pattern is to read the actual eMail message first, then read the statement telling you it's private etc.

    Anyway, love to hear your comments.
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    Hmm, that is an interesting point, Brian... Never thought about that, to be honest.

    I wonder how many people actually place it at the beginning instead of the end? Probably close to none.
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    Considering it's not legally binding, it's useless to have in your email anyway.

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