At Secureservertech we have been in the business over 3 years evolving into one of the best and most reliable ddos protected hosts on the net. We believe in fair pricing, no overselling of protection or resource allocations and a personal relationship with our clients. Unlike other services we do not rely simply on network protections or litespeed. We are one of the best in the business when it comes to server level protection - things that get by most network protections. This is an area we are constantly innovating in.

We have many happy clients and resolved ddos issues, we never give up and we consult our clients extensively with what is going on in their particular situation by showing them real time stats and graphs of attacks if needed.

With our plans you get every byte of protection offered. Lots of companies claim to have huge protection allocations. Some try to lure you with cheap prices. But NOBODY can do what we do for the price we offer. No excuses or false claims, we guarantee our service! Beware the fly by night and copycat services who will only fail you while taking you for everything they can.

Our High Risk Ddos Protected Plans

We also offer Netherlands Hosting, we cannot explain the full benefits here but check it out if you are interested in high performance/high bandwidth hosting with more freedom of speech and content then hosts in other countries.

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