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    Best easyApache configuration?


    I recently ordered a VPS from and I am very happy with it so far. I have been trying out a number of different easyApache builds, and would like your advice as to what is best to enable.

    The server will largely just be used by myself - not for shared hosting or anything - and I will mostly be using it for PHP web development, specifically Drupal. I am more concerned with php speed than php security - although I do want to implement the basic security, suhosin etc.

    Without further ado:

    Mod_cache + Memcache or APC?
    suPHP or mod_fcgi + fast_cgi for php?
    In which situations should I turn suEXEC on?

    Do you have any other advice on things I really should or really shouldn't do?


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    For best performance fastcgi + (apc or xcache)
    memcache is not apc alternative, you need to write own code to work with it
    mod_cache will not really help you with cms like drupal, on VPS it is waste of RAM

    suexec used to run regular CGI (not fastcgi!) scripts, including php, perl, python and so on. It better to turn it on or fully disable CGI.
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    I was having problems with fastcgi, it was overcaching resulting in drupal performing poorly. I am now using SuPHP and APC, with SuEXEC on. I always have problems with file permissions, and end up setting certain folders as 777, how can I remedy this so that PHP has permission for folders anyway?

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    It depends on your application what type of application you hosting .
    For example if it is an add server (openx) use apache dso module , if you go with suphp or cgi your server will get high load.
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    I'm mostly using the server to run Drupal - php application framework and cms.

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