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    Which forum Software to use?

    There are so many different software available these days. But which is the best among all, in terms of ease of usage, installation, maintaining and resource usage.

    For those that uses mysql data bases, how many of such databases do i need? Is it proportionate to the number of registered users? Or the number of users online?

    Any help is appreciated, coz I am a super newbie in this field.

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    Those that use a DB, only use 1 DB.

    I'd advise doing a search first, you're likely to find dozens of threads with the question such as you asked.

    Personally, I write my own forums in php/mysql, but they're not nearly as feature rich (or bloated IMHO ) as vbulletin,phpbb, or invisionboard

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    I personally like phpBB...Simple & Easy to use...
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    Definately go with phpBB. Excellent stuff.

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    We have tried. Vbulletin, Phpbb, XMB Forums, Ikonboard and Invision board, but personally, we find that Invision is better.

    Invision board has many features similar to Vbulletin.

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    Check out they have a large variety of forums to choose from many of which you can probably demo online.

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    If you have the money to spend i would recomend Vbulletin, but if your short on change phpBB is an excellent forum software. I use it on several sites, and i really enjoy working with it. Quik and easy installation as well.

    Links since noone else included any

    Vbulletin - $160 for owned license (unlimited time for 1 server 1 site) and 85$ for leased license (1 server 1 site for 1 year)

    phpBB - Free

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    I just bought an owned licensed VBB (160$). I'm also using Invision board.

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    Go with Invision board, installation is easy and so is use and hacks/mods are coming thick and fast.

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    I use vBulletin - exclusively.

    Its a hellovalot easier to customize, and the extensiveness of what you can customize is greater than any free board out there.

    I've been using vBulletin for almost as long as its been out. I love it!

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    I have used phpBB, vBulletin, invision, ikonboard.

    vBulletin gets my vote.

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    vBulletin, and I'm looking forward to version 3 which is near release.

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    Originally posted by MarkRoberts
    Definately go with phpBB. Excellent stuff. seems I've been outvoted! Well, I guess I should giv vBullentin, another try. Boy, I feel foolish.

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