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    Sharepoint Hosting Recommendation


    I am looking for sharepoint hosting.

    I need to build some custom sharepoint solutions for clients and need a suitable development environment. An environment where I have access to an SQL database and can manage it. And where I can use sharepoint designer.

    Can anyone make a recommendation?


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    I would recommend getting a Windows VPS for yourself and installing Sharepoint (its free). This way you will have full control. Also install MSSQL Express 2005 or MSSQL 2008 Web Edition on the VPS.

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    The only version of sharepoint that is free is WSS, not MOSS or other versions

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    ah, thanks so much for your advise. Can you recommend a good windows vps provider?

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    If you need email, many providers of hosted exchange will include SharePoint as part of an Exchange plan

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    try Dedicated Hosting

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