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    reliable email acount for getting resellery acount


    first i apologize for my poor english

    I want to get resellery acount.I want to submit reliable
    email acount for preventing future you
    think is more reliable than gmail and yahoo?

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    whois privacy



    how i can have whois privacy
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    Most email accounts should be reliable, including one that you host yourself with your own domain. I use Gmail, but I also have my Gmail forwarded to my company domain. That way I have two copies of each email so I don't lose anything.

    You will have to contact your registrar to see if they offer whois privacy.

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    thanks nielsencl

    my aim is to protect my domains from stealing by hacking
    emails. as you said it seems gmail is reliable.i can make
    it more secure. and i can use whois privacy too bc i want
    to get one resellery acount for myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babak54 View Post
    thanks nielsencl

    ..and i can use whois privacy too bc i want
    to get one resellery acount for myself.
    The Registrar whom you purchase your domain from, should provide whois privacy to you. Some charge for it while others provide it free of cost..
    [B]Varun Motasha

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