My name is Tanner Jones and I am the owner of a 9 year old web firm who is interested in developing some solid relationships with individuals who own their own business and that have an outstanding work ethic and high integrity.

Here is what I offer...

To the hosting companies, I would like to offer top notch design work and programming solutions that wow you and your client for a price and timeframe that fits you...and always with a smile

To the design and programming firms, I am looking to be your 'go-to guy' to fill the holes that you may be having problems with when it comes to building quality pieces for your clients.

If you need a fast quote, or would like speak with me one on one, please feel free to contact me in one of the following ways:

AIM - tcreativecom
MSN - [email protected]
Email - [email protected]
Toll Free - 800.282.7125

My chief goal is not to make a few quick bucks, but to prove to you that we can consistently produce top quality work for a great price and that you can rely on me when it comes to anything. I look forward to hearing from you all, and thanks!

Tanner Jones

A Partial Portfolio is listed below: (see the above website for more portfolio items)

http://www.cbac.com - Christian Brothers Automotive
http://www.ArmorPlateOnline.com - Armor Plate
http://www.tannercreative.com/websites/bmwmcr/ - BMW Motorcycle Dealership
http://www.jayahrosesalon.com - Jayah Rose Salon

Link to Web Application Case Studies:

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