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    * Snow Leopard Less Secure Than Vista

    Very intresting, Mac fans always list better security as an advantage over windows.
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    At least someone is saying it.

    "However, that is simply due to numbers: there aren’t enough Macs to make it worthwhile for hackers.

    He says: "It's harder to write exploits [hacks] for Windows than the Mac, but all you see are Windows exploits. "

    This has been said for many many years. It really is about numbers. And what users do. I dont know if they had changed it, but its one of those things people dont think about. Like with linux. I dont know if its the same now, but a few years ago a default install of linux would get rooted in a day if you put it live online.

    Windows has a bad rap and it will continue
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    There is definitely no real security through obscurity, that's all I have to say about that.

    BTW I love fisher price toys!

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