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    * Custom Logo Design from YPSON.COM; affordable quality, we always deliver on time!


    Thank you for checking out Ypson's offer. Please keep in mind: We always communicate and keep in touch on pre-sales, on project and after-sales levels, we have a 24-48 hours (business days) turn around time which you can rely on.

    Feel free to do your own research on Ypson and see that we had no complaints in several years of service, the testimonial pages gives you the possibility to contact the customers directly and find out for yourself that we are serious about this.

    This is a full time service!

    Our services:

    - Custom Logo Design (portfolio)
    - Stationery Design (portfolio)
    - PDF Brochure Design (portfolio)

    We do odd jobs as well, feel free to inquire and we will get back to you with an answer whether we can take on your project and at what costs.



    - Payment can be made via PayPal or Credit Card.
    - 24-48 hours turn-around time for the logo (turn-around time guarantee applies to business days only, Monday through Friday)
    - Price range: $60 through $250+ depending on your options.
    - For stationery/brochure design service you must have the your logo in vector form.
    - We are working via e-mail only, to accommodate for possible time zone differences on both parties, thus enjoying a relaxed and smooth business transaction.

    For other answers and details, please visit
    Direct link to the contact page
    Custom logo design
    17+ years of experience, customers in over 100 countries

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    Just an FYI to everyone who's interested in using Alex's services. I've used him for several designs (logos, business cards, letterheads, etc).

    I just had him design a logo and biz card design for me a couple weeks ago. This was the first time, where let's just say, I was disappointed with the design. I emailed him, and received an immediate response. He was very understanding, and came up with a new design which was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier now. I highly recommend him.

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