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    Multilingual host

    Any suggestions for a (free) host with website (and support) in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German etc.)?



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    do you mean a host that will allow you to use different language websites? or if their website is in multiple languages?

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    Can I ask you something? Why do you think anyone would invest in support team that serves customers in a few different languages and at the same time provides the service for free? Don't you think that there is something in a concept like this? As far as for the regular free hosting, you'd better go to The chance to find something there is better.
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    I am not sure about that.
    Maybe you could search on google,and when you find a site which has different languages' interface.Talk with their support team about what exactly you need.
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    To elaborate:

    I have a multilingual site which provides guidance and help about designing and developing websites.

    I would like to offer the users hosting as well. Therefore I am looking for a multilingual host to hook up with.

    It would be great if the host has a free plan. But it is not a must.

    I have search on Google. But without much luck. Is there really no multilingual host out there?



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    So you would like to offer them cPanel in different languages? Virtually every host should be able to provide this.

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    Thanks. But I would like the hosts website - registration, payment etc. -to be in different languages (English, French, Spanish, German etc.) as well.

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    Try the free webhostingtalk.

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    Thanks. I will try that as well. But it doesn't have to be a free host and I would appreciate any suggestions for multilingual hosts.


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