Train - Horn - Kits .com (remove spaces)
Expires: 2010-07-27
Traffic proof:
Pm me a gmail email address and I will give you access to the analytics.
Revenue proof:
Here is just the google checkout orders, will SS paypal if you request.

I just registered this domain and put up a sales page - thats about it as far as marketing, it has made maybe 6-7 sales each with a minimum profit $150. Has semi-decent rankings among all the se's for related keywords. Traffic is inconsistent as are sales however the product is very sell able and with some PPC or link building you could easily grow this site!

Orders are dropshipped, takes 30 seconds to process an order.

I did try craigslist marketing last month, you'll see them in the analytics, however this did not generate any sales, people on CL only want to buy locally so I gave up posting there.

The most important question for you: Why am I selling this effortless site?

Well times are tough here as everywhere. Regrettably this morning I got the notice from my merchant account that a very large order from another one of my websites was in the process of a chargeback claiming their CC was stolen... and requesting some files I don't have anymore. So I need to free up a bit more cash than I have asap in case it goes through and leaves me in a bad situation.

So make an offer! For quick sell I'm thinking $600 is the min I would even consider. Pm and/or post.