Domain name:

Domain age / expiry: 19 months / 28-Jan-10

Google PageRank: 1

Backlinks: 157 (from Yahoo Site Explorer)

What is it about: Site powered by Joomla. My Dating Spot is a portal for singles and dating couples to get interesting tips and facts about dating. It also has a directory that lists down the top dating spots in the United States right now (you are freely to expand it to the world). As I am now focusing on other niches, I would like to sell this site and hopefully someone can run it even more successfully.

Statistics: Averaging more than 200 unique visitors every month. (View complete statistics from Google Analytics here)

Revenue from past one year

The following revenue are generated without much promotion. Major source of traffic is from Search Engines.

Adsense: $100 (approx.)

Affiliate Dating Offers: $200 (approx. from AzoogleAds)

View the full generated earnings tabulation from Adsense and AzoogleAds here.

Auction Details:

Start Bid: $100

Minimum Increment: $20

BIN: $1000

No reserve. Payment via PayPal.

Auction ends on the 28 Sept 2009. I will help you install the site and push the domain to you through GoDaddy.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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