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    Looking for uplink

    Hi, i manage a little hosting business and looking for someone with PoP in telecity-2, Amsterdam, to get ip transit together

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    What kind of capacities do you need there?
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    i think about 100mbps. the price, for example, from cogent is 600 euro. so i'm looking for somebody to pay 300 + 300 and to share peer between us. is it possible or i miss some?

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    Wont Cogent offer anything less than 100Mbps port? Or are they requiring 100Mbps as a minimum? Usually the way it works is Cogent, and any other provider for that matter, will sell you a port, and then you commit to a certain level of throughput on that port, say 10Mbps, and you have the remaining 90Mbps to burst to.

    600 Euros is what? about $900 USD? Not horrible.

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