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    Best way to detect Fraud Order?

    Can some one list what points one should follow to detect fraud orders.

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    Everything you think it is suspicious. Something like: asdasd or 3 same hosting accounts for one domain etc.

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    Use companies like MaxMind to assist you. They detect and display information that will help you determine whether or not an order is likely to be fraudulent.

    You can also do simple things, like checking to see if the domain name they are trying to host is registered in there name, if their Payment information checks out (PayPal email same as contact email) and more. But Maxmind would be a great start.

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    Yea, agreed MaxMind doesn't hurt but you shouldn't only rely on it.

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    Highly recommend MaxMind there telephone verification is A+ service.

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    Using MaxMind would be recommemnded.
    But you do hold the support team yourslf,you can absolutely do it yourself.
    Payment fraud: mostly need to locate the IP address where he/she ordered and compared with the IP address he/she supply on your information page.Email address,whois his'her domain.
    Other: like hostbite said.
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    We use MaxMind which is intergrated with our billing system (WHMCS). Very reliable, but there is always ways and means of bypassing its checks. Currently we just have it checking to ensure the client's IP matches that of the country they select upon order, and we disable orders from client's using an open proxy.

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    watch what they order - typically if someone wants to pay annually on the highest package with every addon maxed out, they would contact you for a quote of some kind beforehand or have a chat with you.

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    Non-capitalization of names has always been a reliable indicator without using any special tool.

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    are you looking for an application to automatically flag this?

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    maxmind within WHMCS does it for us (automatically zapping order, but before whmcs maxmind manually on anything that looked suspect.
    Also gut instinct, look atthe domain name does it look suspect - normally a spammer /fraud order giveaway


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    For dedicated server we always require a verified Paypal account
    and Government issued ID. We also do a phone call to the buyer.
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    Fraudsters will usually use automated and instant activated services. I process all orders manually and although the customer has to wait up to 24 hours, the fraud rate is 0.

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