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    Question DDS Company That Accepts Paypal and Activates Server in 24 hours


    I'm looking for a dedicated server company that accepts paypal and will get my server working in 24 hours maximum .
    They must offer Windows because that's the OS I need .

    Any suggestions ?

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    Minus the whole 24 hour activation, this is possible anywhere, but depending on your configuration and the hardware stock of the said company, it could take longer. You could get in touch with some companies and ask what they have in stock, as that's guaranteed to have you up and running in under 24 hours.
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    I know that some hosts do offer a guarantee for the server to be online in a specific time and that's what I'm asking for ..

    I'm in a hurry so I don't have time to contact many companies and wait for replies .

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    I see most providers are able to setup the server within 24 hours, offer Windows, and accept Paypal. Do you have any specific on server config. BTW, what is your budget?
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    I dealt with 2AMNetwork not long ago and I'd recommend them. The server was up and running in well under 10 hours and I'm pretty sure they accept Paypal.

    Their prices are good, too.
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    I'm sure any provider with a stock can set you up within 24 hours. - Online in no time
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    It all depends from who you order, some company process orders 24/7 some don't. Most provider offer within 24hour setup but will reserve up to 72 hours depending load.

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    I believe Offered 2 hour setup times. Atleast they did at one point in time. I would call and inquire regarding paypal being accepted.

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    what is your configuration? If server is in stock and ready to go, Then you may get it within 24 hours. I suggest you to speak with host's sales support and make sure it is ready.
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    Softlayer offers 2 hour setup time. With Windows it may be a bit more, but not more than 4-5 hours. And they accept PayPal.

    They are not the cheapest provider, but their service is great.


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    check out Burst. from what i heard, they are quite fast.
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    Limestone Networks and Tailored Made Server both have very fast setup. One time I ordered with TMS (windows) and got my server within half an hour on the weekend. Had 4 servers ordered with LSN (windows) and got them within 5 hours. Both are top notch in my opinion and both are based in Dallas TX.

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