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    Ubiquity downtime

    Anyone else not receive an email warning of the current vps downtime with Ubiquity. It has come at an incredibly bad time and with no warning for myself.

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    What node are you on ? We had 10 minutes of downtime according to pingdom on a VPS we have in Chicago with Ubiquity today. As well as 3 minutes of downtime yesterday according to pingdom.

    I wasn't to worried as it was a non critical vps for me, as well as it was late at night. I am sure they will fix any problems once they get in the office on monday morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XFactorServers View Post
    I am sure they will fix any problems once they get in the office on monday morning.
    So they do not provide 24x7 support ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh-A View Post
    So they do not provide 24x7 support ?
    When did I say that ... I have not once not been able to get ahold of someone at 3 am in the morning on a Sunday. I was merely stating I had no need to put in a ticket as 10 minutes of downtime on a VPS that isn't critical to me can wait until Monday once they are fully staffed during prime business hours and even if they didn't have 24/7 support don't really see how it concerns you.
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    Moved > Providers and Network Outages and Updates.

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    Just looked at there status page:

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    Kernel updates were made on all VPS nodes this morning to protect against a major security vulnerability. Emails were sent out, and an update posted on our network status system:

    We do have 24/7 support by phone, email, ticket, and live chat, which was also available all through the morning.

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