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    Request ASP Guru


    My website is .. I need several small things done

    1)I am moving from MS ACCESS to SQl 2000 database and need this optimized

    2) I need the site changed to not automatically post the pics on the site .. but to post a note in admin section where I can click and approve of them or disaprove

    3) In admin I need it to tell me total number of cars

    4) add a date script that generates the date when car was added

    5) Deals with 2 - Automaticallu Email user telling them that moderator will be approving car before posted.. Then when I accept it another email that tells them there car is now on the site

    6) Go through code and clean it up - maybe comment it

    7) your suggestions for site?

    Please tell me your bid amount, how many of these things you can do, how long will it take you, possible suggestions to improve site


    email me, post or pm

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    <-- ASP Guru

    I could help you out with that, please look in my signature on how to contact me. Thanks!

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    Hey, I can offer my company Wicked-Bunny.
    Our coder has 3 years exprience with ASP MSACCESS and MSSQL/SQL2000.


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