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    Targetting multiple area's and countries....

    I ran across a website the other day:

    And basically i noticed that this website as well as other ones such as Wikipedia, have options where the user can select a different language. I was thinking about doing this for a few websites of my own. Would Google consider it duplicate content? I was thinking that it wouldn't be considered duplicate content, but i wanted to make sure, before i had my site translated into multiple languages.

    And i guess would it be best to separate languages by:

    and a different domain for each language?

    or do it like other sites where i have seen it as: <--- japan <--- china
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    It's not duplicate content because it's in a different language, so I don't think you have any worries there. Just plan on optimizing the pages for the same language the content is in.

    If you have different domains, then each will stand alone which can be good or bad. I say that because if you have two sites with 50 pages it may or may not work better than one site with 100 pages. In general, I like to see on site with more pages since you have less competition as your site gets larger. But having two different sites can sometimes work better when they are not joined.

    You may want to do both. Have your main site with sub-directories for each language. Then you can get ccTLD domains for each country you want to target that resolve to each subdirectory. Yes, the ccTLD domains may be seen as "duplicate content", but all that means is that one will be easier to find than the other. They won't both be penalized and if you get lucky, both may do equally well. The biggest advantage and reason for doing this is so you can market your site to natives with the ccTLD of their country. If that aspect of marketing is worth the added expense of the domains, then I would do that.

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    It is not duplicate content. It will be OK. We ourselves have different domains , Korean domains too. we have hosted them in different locations so that visitors can easily access our site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InternetBrothers View Post
    It is not duplicate content. It will be OK. We ourselves have different domains , Korean domains too. we have hosted them in different locations so that visitors can easily access our site.
    First of all you have to define duplicate contents.

    1) People duplicating your contents with a link source is ok

    2) People duplicating your contents for promoting their own sites or their own products are spam.

    3) People duplicating sentences taken from your site to be under the radar is spam

    4) People duplicating sentences taken from your site and copied on their hundreds sites are spam

    5) People duplicating a specific sentence to multi pages is spam.

    6) People duplicating your copyrighted work without a backlink to the source is spam

    7) People duplicating sentences from articles and using that as a meta description is spam

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    It's lots of work attacking new markets with new languages... especially if you sell products/services. How are you going to handle requests, refunds, etc?

    If you're just a blog with info then it may be possible but then you would have to look into quality translation.

    If it's all in english then why bother localizing? Might be worth it if you research and find a target country with very high return on investment. All depends on your niche and your customers needs.

    As a general rule of thumb you need to be a very high traffic site to realise the benefits of country specific sites.

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    ^ I agree, I mean English is a common language to all (assuming of course that your site is set on English). That's the very reason why almost everyone is learning it. I don't think trying to have another same site on a different language is worth the time. But of course that's just my opinion..

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    Google would not think its duplicate content and I prefer to have different domains for each language <--- japan <--- china

    because it will also be helpful for those visitors that are searching for your website geographically.
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    Duplicate content and spam rules are so tightly regulated by Google. PR has to be taken in consideration in the percentage of content is considered duplicate content or spam.

    Obviously, if you create a article on a newbie site that Google could give 2 shi*s about and FOX news somehow takes your article without giving credit. Fox news will gain content value and not your little dinky site. Therefore, just build unique content around the board and build your link popularity.

    Thought I would share this insight since it is somewhat related and others have pretty much answered your question.
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