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    W4 Networks review

    This is how it went:

    9/14 me: ordered vps in scranton
    9/15 me: asked them where is my login details for direct admin
    9/15 w4: says no more da in scranton for free have to pay to get it or get a vps in their kansas dc.
    9/15 me: ok transfer the vps to kansas
    9/15 w4: we can't transfer, we will set new one and you transfer the data
    9/15 me: ok let me know when its done
    9/16 me: status please
    9/16 w4: we have other orders to do before you
    9/19 me: anyone home?
    9/20 me: asked for the refund

    so that's where we are now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dado View Post
    they were super fast to refund the money
    Atleast that is a good thing to give them a 10 as you said . There were many stories about not getting the refunds.

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    Glad you got your refund. Too bad they don't seem to have real time inventory.

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    Glad to hear you have your money back. You seems to be lucky.
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