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    Unhappy Something strange…”Access denied”

    I would very much appreciate any input on this issue – I need to know what’s going wrong so I can address it:

    Opened a reseller account with Dixiesys – couldn’t access my control panel. Had to close account without ever accessing it.

    Thought it was one of those rare inexplicable things.

    Now opened a reseller account with Nirmani – same damn issue.

    Whenever I use the relevant URL to the reseller account login, I receive the following [slightly edited] error message –

    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    While trying to retrieve the URL: xxxxxxx:19638 [Dixie] xxxxxxx:2087 [Nirmani]
    The following error was encountered:
     Access Denied.
    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.
    Your cache administrator is [email protected].

    Generated Fri, 15 Nov 2002 18:01:00 GMT by proxy2.kingston-in


    I’ve been in contact with my ISP [Kingston Internet/ Karoo] and they claim that they’re not blocking my ports. They even said that so long as I can access their homepage then there’s nothing wrong with their service. [!]

    So I checked out the help on Win98 SE – “Access Control”.

    It mentions changing access control by clicking the admin tab in the relevant properties box – only, there is no such tab. I have no entries in “Administrators” for “Remote Administration”.

    Interesting though, the next entry:

    If there is no Administrators list on the Remote Aministration tab, you need to change the way your computer is accessed across a network.
    This therefore means it’s a network issue? Therefore, the network of my ISP is the problem? But…what??

    Appreciated if anyone’s read this far – has anyone the faintest idea of what is going on, or had any similar experience? The ISP insist they’re not at fault – and I’ve no knowledge of networking. I’m getting a little desperate for information to work with so that I can tackle the issue somewhere and somehow.

    I do not think that the denial of access is at all caused by the hosting companies involved. Dixiesys were using Ensim, and Nirmani are using WebHostManager so it can't be a software specific issue either.

    Sincere thanks for your consideration,


    [EDIT - Since I posted this, Nirmani has solved the issue and given myself the proper information to my ISP for correcting their proxy server settings. I am very happy now - I understand what is going on - and I can access my reseller account now! Very happy indeed.

    Sincere thanks to Jim for posting, though - I've bookmarked the adial site and will give them further attention.]
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    Are you on broadband or dialup?

    If you have dialup access you could try eliminating the ISP by using a free dial up to test. One available here without registration:
    Clook Internet -
    Fully managed UK based webhosting provider
    Est 2002, 24/7 phone support, all the bells and whistles!

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