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    How to get BIND wildcard any domain


    I need to get BIND to be authoritative and resolve any domain to the same IP.

    For example, any domain that I point to BIND, always resolve to the same IP.

    I know that I can configure wildcard in a single domain (*, but I want to do this with any domain.

    For example, if I have:

    All pointed to BIND, get this domain resolved to a one IP address without adding them to bind (using same DNS zone for all domains... a wildcard domain DNS zone...)

    It's possible?


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    This is possible but you should make sure no one is using your server for recursive look-ups including the DNS server itself.

    You need to define the root zone and then create a wildcard A record for *.

    zone "." {
            type master;
            file "/etc/bind/";
    @       IN      SOA     . (
                         2009092001         ; Serial
                             604800         ; Refresh
                              86400         ; Retry
                            1206900         ; Expire
                                300 )       ; Negative Cache TTL
            IN      NS
    *.      IN      A
    Syntax might be slightly incorrect as I typed it from memory.
    Common sense is not so common.

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    Hi Xous,

    Thanks for your reply.

    This server will not be used to resolve remote domains. I want it for point al new domain registered to it, and get this domains pointed to a IP address with a HTML parking template.

    Because I will register 10 - 15 domains in a day, I don't want to add every one to BIND.

    Thanks for your solution, I will use it. And sorry for my bad level of english

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