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    LCD monitor as tv

    Been looking at a few LCD HDTV`s, but the prices are still quite high around here. Seems I can get a similar sized LCD monitor for almost half the price.

    I`m guessing it`s possible to hookup the LCD monitor to our HDTV cable box and get a picture? I`m guessing most new LCD monitors have RCA jacks, or should I use an HD cable between my cable box and the monitor?

    Obviously I would like to get the best picture possible or else I might as well stick with the old tube tv!

    I know next to nothing about high definition tv, but we`ve had HDTV signal through our tv provider for nearly a year. Seems kind of wasted watching it through a tube tv!

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    The main issue with using an LCD monitor as a HDTV is that most monitors don't have speakers but if you are using an external sorrund sound system that should make little difference.

    Most modern digital set top boxes whether for satellite, cable or teresterial digital television signals usually have standard VGA outputs or HDMI outputs. If it has either of thoes outputs then it should in theory work with your monitor as long as it supports the required HD resoloutions.
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    I've connected my 26" LCD to my Comcast DVR box before using HDMI and it works fine.

    As long as the box and the monitor both support HDMI it should work.

    I don't think an HDMI/DVI conversion cable will work, though.
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    Hmm, interesting thread. Are there any disadvantages to using a LCD monitor as a TV?

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