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    * oooh, please yahoo don't make me made


    i have 147,000 member in my forum
    i want to send message to them so,

    i managed it to send 300 message every 10 minute
    after few hours i get many mail in my mail queue
    that's because yahoo is blocked my server for few hours

    so, i stopped sending and waiting yahoo
    when they open there block i re continue but make it 200 message every 10 minute
    t get block again
    after open block i make it 30 message every 1 minute
    i get block again

    this mail have many mail to another mail server not yahoo only
    what should i do

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    I think the maximum is 200 per hour for cpanel servers, You could maybe think about using a 3rd party application such as constantcontact or something.

    but i dont really understand the post.
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    Use some sort of a script that delays properly so you don't have to sit there and wait or miss the timing.

    You may want to extract all the yahoo mail addresses from your list and handle them separate. Many of the others won't have restrictions so you and get your messages out to them faster.

    In terminal "grep -v" would show only lines that don't have in them. Remember you can "pipe" all that to another grep and do a lot of things. Quick examples:

    cat mail-list.txt | grep -v > new-list.txt

    cat mail-list.txt | grep > new-list-only-yahoo.txt

    cat mail-list.txt | grep -v | grep -v > new-thing.txt

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