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    Migrating ddos to ip addresse to somewher eelse?


    Im using a vps and recently one of my clients has been hit by a ddos attack that has been lagging the network slightly..

    he is on shared hosting + a shared ip but i was wondering if iwas to give him a dedicated ip and he was to get attacked again could i migrate it so it wouldnt affect everythign else?

    Im using a vps for this shared client byw


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    by changing ip address for one client wont stop ddos attack i think...Because ddos attack hangs down your whole vps serer not the ip address only. By using the same servers ip address how can a client can escape from this..i dont think...

    you should think about optimizing the server more with firewalls and all in server

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    If you have a VPS and no network based DDoS protection it won't matter what IP they're on.

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    No what im saying is, what if i was to redirect that ip addresse to somewhere else liek re route it so it wont affect the other sites hosted as it will be a dedicated ip for that website?

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