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    * Deleting old hosting account?


    I moved my site to a new hosting provider, and DNS propagation is already done.

    Now, should I delete all my files in my old hosting and *then* cancel my account, or just cancel my account and that's it? Any security measures to have in mind?

    This is my first migration and I'm a newbie on this stuff.


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    I wouldn't worry about deleting the old stuff, your host wont want to keep it anyways.
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    actually the dns propagation only done once u make sure that domain is working from your new host.

    move the website to another host and check if that is working fine. If you are moving to cpanel server you should access the domain like

    newserverip/~username then you can change

    you can also edit the windows based systems host file to change dns propagation from your machine only.

    now you can ask them to provide full backup and ask to delte the old contents...some host wont provide the backup after some days of cancelation

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    Only in the case, if you are concerned about the privacy of your data and you DO NOT trust your previous host, delete it!!

    Make sure the domains have been propagated worldwide, theoretically it takes 24 to 72 hours, but nowadays it does not take that much really as per my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiaK View Post

    I moved my site to a new hosting provider, and DNS propagation is already done.

    Now, should I delete all my files in my old hosting
    Technically there is no need for deleting the old files for the working of the site from the new location. But if you have sensitive data such as passwords in configuration files, you should delete the files as you will never know if anyone is accessing your data. Also if mails are residing in your old hosting account with password details, it is surely a threat.
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    Don't need to worry about the files of your old hosting as your old hosts is going to delete them in between the one month after canceling their service.
    I think they are not going to keep your files unnecessary using their space.
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    To play safe backup all and then delete all and terminate your account.

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