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    Question Help- I need cheap Win Media Streaming - Where do you advise??

    Hi everyone, I am friendly and I am new here and would like to first introduce myself and bid greetings to everyone from here in Canada.

    Can everyone please advise me on my situation. I need cheap windows media hosting for streaming of windows media video files. It should not need more then 4-5GB bandwidth per month if that, but not kill you if you go over that per GB. Only about 100mb max of files to be stored around.

    I need the cheapest and most affordable win media hosting companies that anyone knows, also free ones if there are any for win media. I will be hosting main sites on another host so I don't need hosting for the html, only the winmedia video files which I will link to from webpages hosted already on another hosting provider which does not have affordable win media streaming.

    Please all your recomendations are very helpful for my research into this. I appreciate all you guys, you are very knoledgable about this kind of thing.

    Thank you everyone.

    (from Canada).

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    Thank you Kacy for your response, I appreciate it but this is much too high for what I am looking for.

    Thanks anyways though.
    Have a good day.

    Also I forgot to mention, if anyone knows of very affordable hosting for real video or quicktime as well please mention those too but win media I think is preferred.

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