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    How much could i sell these customers for?

    How`di, i just have a quick question and wanted to get some opinions.

    If i have 700 customers and about 99% of them pay $4.95/month for hosting and the remaining 1% pay $5.95/month for hosting.

    If i wanted to sell these customers (i`m not selling them now)... how much do you think i could sell them for?

    I have all these sites on one server...they`re good customers...don`t use alot of trafic :P

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    It would prob also depend on the package you are offering them, if you give unlimited everything, I dont think you would get as much
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    Ok, they get 200 MB of disk space....but 99% of them don`t even use 5 MB and not one site uses more than 1 gig bandwidth per month.

    The package specs like disk space/bandwidth could easily be lowered without ticking customers off, that`s no biggy.
    The few bitchy ones who would complain...just let them keep their bigger package as is.

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    i would suspect you can get somewhere between 3k to 40k depending on a lot of factors.
    -are the customers annual or monthly
    -do they pay by credit card or some other means
    -do you have financial statments to back up your sales claims
    those sorts of questions would help to determine the actual value.


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    All customers pay via credit card and are billed monthly recurring through my merchant account with authoizenet. So i have all customers credit card numbers/details and statements to prove sales.

    But the net profit i make off these 700 customers is only around $2700/month after the server fee... oh well, just wondered what you guys think i could get for`em :)

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