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    Which dedicated provider to choose?

    How would you sort this list for a dedicated server regarding performance and support (not price)?

    CDXSolutions (seem to be at Servint)

    We're only going to have one server in the US, where should it best be located for lag etc (West-East-Central)?


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    my vote goes for atjeu & fastservers.

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    Originally posted by apollo
    my vote goes for atjeu & fastservers.
    And why, if I may ask (fastservers I can understand, but atjeu isn't really well known or is it)?

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    personally, I have never tried them, but they offer quality bandwidth as well as good hardware for the price. Doesn't sound too good to be true... Dunno about their support, thought

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    Servepath .......


    Servepath for sure...

    I Am with them... Always up! Always FAST support! FAST Connection...

    they are just good! and low prices!

    PM Me if u need more info!

    they just rox =D

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    Ohh and for speed....

    Ohh and servepath will get u the best speed... read this..

    This is a COPY / PASTE from their website

    ServePath operates out of the #1 Internet center in the world, the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area. Over 39% of US Internet traffic, and 30% of World Internet traffic either originates or terminates here. And we are the only company exclusively focused on dedicated servers that is located here -- shouldn't you have a server in San Francisco?

    Our servers sit on a Gigabit ring to Level 3/Genuity, and peer through a Worlcom circuit to and WilTel. Our facility has multiple connections to the Internet backbone.

    A Sure thing is that im with them and i like them

    If you need any help PM Me =D

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    I find that hard to believe they have more than the DC area, especially with AOL based in Herndon (a DC suburb).
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    Thanks for including us in the poll, glad to see we're actually being considered.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    We have some WHT references also..

    I just re-read the entire thread and noticed how no one has commented on any of the providers support like you asked, lol
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    We been with Atjeu for last few yrs. We are very happy to host with them. Very fast support even in a saturday/sunday night.

    quality bandwidth for reasonable price. if you are looking for a 24/7 and fast support then this is the place to go.

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