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    Talking 3 Month JaguarPC Dedicated Server Review - Still Astonishing!

    JaguarPC Dedicated Server Review
    1 Month Dedicated Server Review:
    1 Month VPS Review:

    Sales: 10/10
    Greg and Les almost always help me with sales. They are able to provide me quotes/servers well within my budget with astonishing specs.

    Support: 10/10
    I've used support quite a few times. Depending on the time of the day you submit a ticket, it can be responded to within a few minutes or can take a half hour.

    Network Performance: 10/10
    0% packet loss, 100% uptime!


    • They go above and beyond to please their clients, last week I realized I went well beyond my bandwidth, and I am only half way through the month. I spoke to Greg and Les and they worked out a good deal so I wouldn't be slammed with overages and also cut me a deal on further bandwidth purchases
    • IP assignments are a bit rough, but I understand due to IPv4 starvation.
    • Remote reboot's are included in servers, but at least for my server, I had to ask for mine to be setup.

    Overall 9.5/10
    They have been on of the best choices I have made for dedicated servers.

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    Thanks for reivew
    keep us updated

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    Thanks for the review. Its always good to a customer is so happy with their provider.

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