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    Celeron Question

    Hello everybody,

    I have two questions:

    1-Is a server with the following specs suitable for a vbulletin board with more than 1000 member online at a time:

    * Intel Celeron 2 GHz Single Core
    * 1 GB RAM
    * 160 GB Hard Drive
    * 750 GB Bandwidth

    2-Is the company named MegaNetServe good ?

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    Celeron is an old processor.

    Why not just go for Atom or Core2Duo?
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    1,000 members at a time would be pushing it. Are a majority of these members just browsing or are they all posting, searching and all that jazz?

    I would agree with net on this one, you might want to look at a Atom (Dual core preferably) or a Core2Duo.

    What's your monthly budget?
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    My Budget is $60

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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    Celeron is an old processor.

    Why not just go for Atom or Core2Duo?
    Hey net, Celeron is not an old processor,
    take a look at the latest one

    the guys in Intel kept the celeron brand name, as it is recognized as a cheap product.

    sure the name is an old name :-)

    OP: you should ask the provider which celeron model they supply, if its the newer 64bit versions , that might be Ok for you to start with, but 1,000 members at a time might slow you down in peek hours - look for a core2duo - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    Try the dedicated offer forum, you should find a few server for the budget you have.

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