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    Review of CPC Technologies

    I met James Lumby, the owner of CPC Technologies through QuoteColo. Mr. Lumbyís quotation was so spectacular that I shipped my Dell PowerEdge 1950 to his facility the next day.

    Once FedEx got it there, it was online in minutes! We had some issues when the server loaded but the techies were right there ready, willing and able to help. James has done more for me in less than a weeks time then my other data center has since February 2007.

    In fact, I am so impressed by his services, I am moving another system to him next week. You canít go wrong with James and CPC! In my opinion, they are the best!

    If anyone has specific questions for me, send a message and I will be happy to chat with you.

    Cardinal Hosting
    Ewing, NJ

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    Groovy! I just got back from the facility this afternoon, setup a couple of lantronix spiders, an additional 1U as well as some other minor work.

    I could have had them done it, but it's an excuse to get out of town.

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