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    High Traffic on web

    Greetings to All ,
    My website is hosted on easycgi and it is a shared account. I notice that my website traffic suddenly shoot up and it reaches over limit , I could not figure it out what is wrong ,is it any sort of ddos or what . Looking forward for your kind response.


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    I would look at the stats and weblogs to see if the traffic looks legit. Depending on your scripts it may just be not able to handle a lot of traffic.
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    well I'm not using any kind of script for stats , my web host easycgi is providing that facility . I've already sent email to their support but I've not got any prompt response from there side . I mentioned them to monitor my web traffic cause they can have the real time monitoring .


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    Check if your control panel have option to see or download web server log file, so you can see details of your site traffic.

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