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    Unhappy please answer my question about server security!

    dear WHT memebers,
    i'v posted this post in web hosting forum,& now again i expect to have genius solution.

    i'v an annoying question about how can i identify a server, i explain you my question

    i'l shortly rent a server from Pacificrack,they'l give root access,but for my business i'l need to give this root access(password ) to a software installer so that he'l install me some software ( remote installation) ,but the question is that how can i identify my server & be sure that it's the same server that i rented from the hosting company, coz in some cases it may happen that the man who installs the software may tend to replace the server with a poor server , so i want to know how can i RECOGNIZE MY SERVER AGAIN !!!
    help me please,
    what about the server domain name that some server hosting comapanies suggest for clinets during the registration process,is this server domain name a unique name for each server !!

    any way,i need your professional advices

    thanks very much for the expected support,
    i'm waiting

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    How will your server be replaced with another servier if you are giving root access to a third party installer?

    Your IP is going to be the same. I do not think Pacificrack is going to switch your server with another one.

    You can run many commands in ssh to see if it is the same server but I am confused why someone would replace your server..
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    How can you physically replace hardware over the internet with a root password?

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    confirm the ip location, it's not that hard

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    put a hidden file somewhere with some unique content in it. Make note of the timestamp on the file when you save it. Come back later, after the service and check it again. No reputable management service would attempt this as its easy to catch. You can even make note of the NIC cards MAC address as well as other unique identifiers, HDD volume ID, BIOS info, etc. It's not hard to tell the difference.
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    Hehe, well, only your DC can change your hardware.

    You probably meant your software setup in the server?
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    Just see the history of commands that was executed under root user. So that, You may figure out something.

    Trust your server admin. He can not change any hardwares by root access. If you dont trust him then ask him to work in a vnc viewer or something like "On Screen Collabration" Method and keep eye on him.
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    PacificRack is a very honest, I doubt they will change the server for a poor server.
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    hi all,
    i just ant to clarify things more to get me well,
    i don't doubt the Pacificrack or any hosting company,this is not the point.
    for me,i'l deal with anoth company (third party) to install me some software in my dedicated server,& this will be a remote installation which requires to give root access to this cmpany as to access my server & install the sotftware,
    till now i hope you get my point, but suppose that this company agent will install this software in a low configuration dedicated server & take mine,then i'l not be aware of this change since each month i'l pay for server renting at $300 but getting por server, i just want to be careful.
    so please provide any method to be sure that my server is the same before & after installation.
    i'm going to be online for few hours to clarify more,
    thnx for ur suggestions

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    blazenetworks already answered your questions.

    Check at post # 7.
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    A server admin with "only" root access cannot change the physical hardware on your server. ONLY pacificracks can change the hardware on your server, they are a reputable company and you do not have to worry about that. We have worked with them in the past and they have been greta.

    Now in terms of the server admin, you should be able to trust them. If you stick with a reasonable company this should not be a problem. If you cannot trust them you might consider going with another company. That being said they won't be able to take the hardware and make it something lower end.
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