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    How many websites could go on a server

    What is a reasonable amount of small no email low traffic sites to put on a dedicated server?

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    over 9000ish or so?

    more details? what kind of dedi?
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    Too many variables. Are they small static or dynamic websites? Really the best way to know is just do it and watch the resources. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    Like Mark said, it's very hard to know without knowing the uplink speed, server specs, and even server software.
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    Depends on how much resources they use. Many factors come into play when determining how many websites can be on a single server. Of course, it also depends on how powerful the server is.

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    Those are the variables.
    The use patterns of the customers and the server specs.
    There's a lot of difference in a Celeron with 1GB RAM and a 80GB hard drive and a dual-quad with 12GB RAM and multiple TB drives.
    It would also depend on the port size & network. For small, static sites on a reasonable mid-range server a couple hundred plus maybe plus many.
    Depends on how many people are hitting those static sites too (10 a day or 10,000 a day per site?) and how big they are.
    We also don't know what you consider "static" -- does that mean no databases? Strictly HTML?
    People's definitions of "static" are different and then it would all depend on the server. With no e-mail and no databases a mid-range server could hold just left us with too many variables to give a good answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by auradev View Post
    What is a reasonable amount of small no email low traffic sites to put on a dedicated server?
    Really depends. You could place 1 site and have it use all the resources or 1000 sites and use none of the resources. Depends how you manage it.

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    Anywhere from 0 to 5,000+ or so depending on the resource usage of the sites and how much traffic all of them receive as well as the actual specifications of the server and the network.

    A server running LiteSpeed with entirely static content (html, images) could handle thousands of sites without much trouble.
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    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is server purposing. If email, database, dns services are on their own dedicated servers and only web sites are on the web server, its very possible to load thousands of sites on a single server.

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    It depends on the size of the server and the config << removed >>
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    $40 usd/ mo?
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    Thousands of websites could be hosted on a server. Depending on the specs of the server, the complexity of the code being run, and the amount of traffic each website receives. If the server has Dual Quad core, or an 8 way Six Core (total of 48 cores) these servers will serve a lot more than say a Pentium 4.

    All if this is to be thought about when deciding what services to purchase.

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