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    strongbolt: seeking opinions

    I'm a beginner toying with the idea of trying (which means buying) strongbolt2 on a cobalt raq4 server but security has me a bit worried.
    I'm currently using Cobalt 6 which is a bit old and clunky but security-wise it hasn't let me down yet, maybe that's because it's loaded up with zeffies patches. I'd like to upgrade to a more user-friendly/flexible OS but like I said, security does worry me.
    Are you a strongbolt user? has your server ever been compromised? how would you compare stronbolt's security to other OS's you've used?
    Thanks for any opinions.

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    I just bought it to update my rom and install the centos on it (not the bluequartz part) => i have updated centos to 5.4 and install blueonyx on it : perfect and up to date. After I bought the php Update with all the library in it => If you are web developper in php/mysql a raq with blueonyx and the php update is a marvelous thing !!!

    In fact, SB only serve to install new rom and old centos :p

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