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    In the Datacenter.

    Intel Xeon 5504, 4x 1TB, Dedicated RAID, vePortal, unmetered in Denver! $350 p/m

    1 Intel Xeon 5504 CPU Quad Core 2.0GHz
    1 Supermicro X8DTL-iF Mainboard
    1 Supermicro SC813MTQ-280 1U Chassis
    3 2GB DDR3-1333 ECC-REG RAM Memory (6GB total)
    4 1TB WD1001FALS SATA2 Hard Disk
    1 Adaptec 2405 RAID Adapter Card

    100mbps Unmetered BGP with Comcast, Tata and Internap

    I have one of these servers ready to go: OpenVZ / vePortal installed.

    Server is located in Denver with unmetered bandwidth on FDC's network using a BGP blend of Comcast, Tata and Internap. You can expect to push up to 29.5 TB.

    IPs are $1 extra each per month.

    Test IP:

    Feel free to send me any questions in this thread or PM. You can set this up as a VPS node immediately with licensing included for vePortal. - Automated VPS Provisioning

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    In the Datacenter.

    Feel free to haggle. I can get a few more of these if needed at the same price and location.

    Reason for this is because we're concentrating on our West Coast network. - Automated VPS Provisioning

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