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    help needed creating first client


    I am a newbie in hosting business and bought reseller package from HOSTGATOR. I have created packages and setup WHM and WHMCS.I am working on my website yet but using WHMCS portal with shopping cart for the time being where users can register and place orders.

    I have a confusion on how to start with my first client.When user comes in and place order do i have to enter the clients account manually to WHM also? And what are the other steps in WHMCS which i will have to perform. I will appreciate your help!

    Also I have enom retail account and have setup my prices for domain.When a client registers a domain with me,what do i have to do?



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    Since you're using WHM, WHMCS actually has a module for cPanel/WHM where you can have it create accounts for you automatically or manually through the WHMCS interface. Go to Configuration > Servers > Add New Server. Fill in all the details of the server to setup remote access for WHMCS.

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    Please take a look here
    I believe, you can find many management tutorials from whmcs wiki website.

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    why don't you make a test order for yourself? We tested our billing system with control panel at least a dozen different times to make sure everything was automated from the order (talking about hosting account only)

    as for enom - you can either set to automatic registration through whmcs or you can wait - I'd recommend to wait since domains are more sensitive. And Enom gives you a way to test domain registrations as well that can tell you whether you can do everything from within whmcs.

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    HostGator provides a killer manual/book for you to start your web hosting business. I suggest you to ask HG to give you the link where you can get this for free.

    Good luck
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