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    Lightbulb Help needed to setup VOIP

    Hi members,

    Sorry if this is already discussed but I am new to all this.

    I want to setup a VOIP business like, so that user can user can purchase online account and make calls from software provided.I dont want to setup EPBX and all stuff, this will be completely online business.

    Members please suggest me :-

    1.What would be needed to setup such type of VOIP business.
    2. Please tell me from where to hire professionals.

    looking for a positive feedback, feel free to contact me at :-

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    1. You will need a SIP provider or a VOIP white label reseller.
    2. You find consultants here, engineers to setup your servers and services and programmers to interface and create your website.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply

    Quote Originally Posted by zoticaic View Post
    1. You will need a SIP provider or a VOIP white label reseller.
    Why I will need a SIp provider ?? Cant I be a SIP provider ?

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    Yes you can be a SIP provider... but invest in a few loaded SONUS GSX-9000 $1 mil in each get colo and few STM-1 lines to tier 1 carriers... then get a licenses from your government for telecom operation. If you in US (FCC 499, 214, CALEA etc..) Then next step would be to setup ur own SS7... so If you have an extra 5 millions you can become a SIP provider with in 6-9 month other wise look in to white label and spend your money in to marketing.

    Unless you want to become one of those guys who making a bad name of VoIP by using an Asterisk and other unreliable open-source technology to provide a SIP trunking and sooner or later go out of business and make your clients to hate VoIP.

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