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    Question Gettings started with Amazon EC2

    Hi guys

    I'm currently having a virtual server hosted at (2gb ram, 40gb harddisk, root-access etc), at around $30/month. We have around 40 small business webpages hosted on this server and it runs smoothly.

    Now I would like to try EC2. However, I just don't get it.

    I created an accound at EC2, but it seems like if I start an "instance" (apparently a virtual server, I think?), I have to pay 0.10$ for each hour that it's turned on.

    That's 72$ a month for a virtual server, that's quite expensive. So, have I missed a point somewhere?

    And btw, is EC2 even suitable for this kind of hosting?

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    Amazon has a plan which you commit to monthly payments but it is still more expensive than many VPS servers. They run Xen on EC2 so it is similar to what others provide, I would recommend shopping around for a smaller provider.

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    I suppose comparision will give you the best answer. Actually comparing diffrent web hosts and prices you will be able to find the most affordable solution for you

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    Amazon EC2 are virtualized instances but are not to be compared with other shared hosting providers.

    You are guaranteed the processor power you purchase. It pencils out for quality of service with hosting a single or any number of web sites.

    I pay $90.00 / month for my Amazon EC2 instance (windows) for my personal blogs. I run about 5 personal blogs and my girlfriend runs 2.

    Its worth it for us to have the dedicated speed an quality of service with the instance being dedicated just to us.

    I also use 10-20 amazon servers to support my business. It allows us to scale as the need dictates.

    I thoroughly enjoy not dealing with shared / colo situations and not having to deal with hardware.

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    Amazon EC2 is great if you suddenly have more users to your website.
    You can easily create more instances or create a bigger instance.

    We run a relatively large online business and have been using Amazon
    EC2 for a few months now and are very happy with it. We love
    cloud computing!

    A good read is also: The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from
    Edison to Google

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    Amazon EC2 is obviously more expensvie than many of the low cost VPS offerings. What Amazon EC2 tries to do is be reliable, fast, and scalable. Amazon EC2 does not try to be the cheapest.
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