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    giving free email accounts

    i bought a domain and i want o give free email to wveryone. for example lets say that the domain i bought is what do you suggest for using as an email script or service to do these, where the users can registers,send and read there a company, ican do these via google? please tell me your thougts

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    290 used to have a pre-made script that worked like squirrelmail and had a sign-up form so users could register for an e-mail address. You could even add some ajax database querying to allow it to check for available names
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    Bad idea generally to provide free email, lots of abuse coming your way. Make sure you absolutely know how to manage your mail platform 100% of every 24 hours as I think you will get owned by all the spammers under the sun.

    Leave free email, services to gmail, hotmail etc, as they do a much better job than you will ever be able to.

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    You can do this via Google Apps, not sure what are the implications though if they find out you are giving it away for free outside of the organization. It'd also depend on how many accounts your are willing to give. I'd say get a VPS to start with and manage your email domain from there. Fusemail is a commercial offering on the other hand.

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    Better don't do it, it is hard to run free mail service. You can do it by installing mails servers like postfix, web mail scripts like roundcube and some custom scripts for user signup and management. You will need a dedicate server to do this. VPS can do, if you plan to run mail server on VPS, better don't do it.

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