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    Advanced OpenVPN Service SETUP needed


    I want to sell an OpenVPN service, What is the required software for doing the following:
    1- user authentication management add/remove/connection status/bandwidth usage
    2- limit the monthly bandwidth / connection speed per user

    How much it could cost. installing the OpenVPN and the necessary software(s) (and licences if any)?
    What is the recommended hardware spec for a 100 client users?

    Thank you

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    Are you looking to solicit bids on this project? If so, most people will not be able to respond to it in this particular forum. If you want, I could look into moving this to the proper forum for you.

    Also, you could look into some of the Tutorials and information in this forum. It is definitely doable and I know we have the people that can do that here.
    Dan Sheppard ~ Freelance whatever

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